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Campus Reading International

Campus, Reading International


The Future Of Sustainable Workplaces

Campus, Reading International is a groundbreaking business park development that is aiming to provide an ‘amenity rich community for every type of business’. They are building the workspaces of the future, with sustainability being a key component of their ethos.

They want to provide a ‘holistic health and wellbeing offer’ including offering water stations throughout the buildings and grounds.

Reading International Campus
Reading International Campus Objective


Campus approached us looking for drinking water solutions that would meet some key goals. We were thrilled to assist them and provide the perfect hydration solution.


  • TickSustainable drinking solutions
  • TickHigh volume output for high-demand areas
  • TickHygienic, easy to keep clean units

Our Drinking Water Solution

Focusing on sustainability, COVID-19 protection, and holistic health and wellbeing.

Oasis Hands-free Filler VersaCoolers
Oasis Hands-free Filler VersaCoolers

In order to fulfill the requirements of Campus, our Oasis P8EBQY Hands-Free Filler + VersaCoolers were recommended and installed into various hydration points throughout the business park; keeping workers hydrated and refreshed.

Key features of our water solution:

  • 8 x Bottle Filling units covering areas with high footfall
  • Drinking fountain and bottle filler combined, allowing for versatility and a focus on keeping hydrated whilst at work
  • Eliminates the need for single-use plastics – encouraging users to use reusable cups, bottles and glasses for their daily beverages
  • Bottle counter feature encourages users to refill their water bottles by notifying them every time a bottle is saved from a landfill
  • Hands-free Sensor activated enables users to safely use this machine without worry about cross-contamination or risk of germs from touching buttons
  • Fitted with QUASAR UV technology; treating the water by UVC-LED light at the point of dispense, nullifying harmful pathogens
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Single-Use Bottles

Saved from landfill per work day

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Filtered & UV Treated Water

Dispensed per work day

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Hydration Stations

Contributing to WELL requirements

drinking water


With our 8 hands-free water coolers located at Campus, they are now able to provide filtered, hygienic, and refreshing water solutions to the staff of the various businesses based there.

If they don’t have their own bottle to refill, they can take advantage of the flexible bubbler guard, which reduces water waste by 50%, to enjoy fresh water on the go.

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