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Water Cooler Rental

If you’re looking to lease your water cooler speak to us. We’ve been renting water coolers to offices and businesses across the UK since 2003. We rent both bottled water coolers and mains-fed water dispensers. Get in touch, tell us what you need, and we will get you a no obligation quote ASAP.

Which water cooler do I choose?

Bottled water cooler

  • Easy to use and suitable for any environment
  • Can be set up immediately - bottled water coolers only require a power supply
  • High-quality water on tap: either mineral or spring water bottled at source
  • Bottled water delivered throughout
    mainland UK
Bottled water delivered next working day

Mains-fed water cooler

  • Plumbed directly into the main water supply
  • Constant supply of water - suitable for large workplaces
  • Just pay for the rental of the machine
  • Installation and maintenance included

What’s included in our rental packages

  • Free Installation: It’s easy. We will fit your new water cooler so you can start using your machine right away. Our engineers are fully qualified and BWCA accredited.
  • Regular maintenance: Whether you opt for a bottled or mains-fed water cooler, our engineers carry out regular maintenance and sanitisation of your machine so you can rely on continued great performance, safety, and hygiene.
  • Call-outs: Any issues? We’ll come and sort it for you, and/or replace your machine. We provide a full managed service so you can rest assured your staff stay hydrated.
  • Flexible contracts: We offer flexible contracts to suit your specific requirements. Just tell us what you need and we'll help find you the perfect hydration rental package.

Ready to get started?
Order your rental package today.

If you are a home or small business, our ‘build your own’ rental packages are perfect for you.

Pay a fixed price for the rental of your cooler, which includes sanitisation and aftercare. Then you will receive regular scheduled deliveries for your water. And the best part? You’ll be paying the lowest price available online for your bottled water.

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Water Cooler


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