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Kalix Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler
Kalix Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler
Kalix Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler

Kalix Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler

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Part Number:OASKALIX
£325.00 (£390.00 inc VAT)

Kalix Floor Standing Water Cooler

An elegant combination of functionality and style. The Mains-fed Kalix Floor Standing Water Cooler is a modern hydration solution that supplies high-quality drinking water all day long. This machine is able to produce up to 240 cups of chilled water per hour thanks to Direct Chill technology, making it an ideal machine for high usage environments. Direct Chill coolers offer significant hygiene benefits - as the water enters the system, it passes into a pressure vessel and is chilled as it moves through the vessel to the point of dispense. This provides a consistent delivery of chilled water as the water does not come into contact with air until it is dispensed.  The conveniently positioned push buttons on top of the machine and spacious dispensing area make it incredibly easy to use. This classic and timeless design looks brilliant in domestic spaces as well as in public environments. The popular Kalix remains a strong favourite.

Key Features

  • Direct Chill cooling technology ensures for instantly chilled drinking water
  • Removable self-draining drip tray for your convenience, dishwasher safe
  • Spacious water dispensing area allows for bottles and carafes to sit beneath the dispenser with ease and stability
  • Adjustable hot and cold water thermostat with safety limiter
  • Efficient two piece pressure cooling tank ensures for chilled water within seconds
  • Front panel door allows for easy access to filters, designed for effortless servicing and sanitisation
  • Soft touch buttons with indicator lights

Recommended Environments

  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Receptions
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare